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    Cats Indoors

    Looking for practical solutions to keep your cat safe while protecting birds? Check out ABC’s Happy Cats, Healthy Birds campaign page. Domestic cats can make wonderful pets. But when allowed to roam outdoors, these introduced predators have serious consequences. Cats… Read More »

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    New Nationwide Public Service Announcement Campaign Encourages "Cats Indoors" Efforts

    (Washington, D.C., January 14, 2014) American Bird Conservancy and Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation have launched a nationwide television public service announcement (PSA) campaign, calling on cat owners to care for their pets using "Cats Indoors" approaches that are demonstrably better… Read More »

  • Why Cats Belong Indoors: Q+A with Dr. John Read

    Across the globe, the introduction of domestic cats (Felis catus) to new environments has invariably resulted in harm to native wildlife. Yet when kept contained – indoors, on a leash, or in a catio – domestic cats can make wonderful… Read More »

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    Cats and COVID-19

    Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | jerutter@abcbirds.org | @JERutter Expert Contact: Grant Sizemore, Director of Invasive Species Program, 202-888-7480 | gsizemore@abcbirds.org UPDATE (April 23, 2020): The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced April 22, 2020,… Read More »

  • It's Time to Treat Cats Like Dogs

    Cats. It’s the four-letter word of bird conservation. For over a century, ornithologists have been sounding the alarm about cats and their impacts in the environment. Whether owned, stray, or feral, roaming domestic cats have the capacity — indeed the… Read More »

  • Video: Surviving the Wild: Cats and Birds

    Few people experience the impacts of free-roaming cats as intimately as wildlife rehabilitators. In this short documentary, meet Dr. Dave McRuer, formerly of the Wildlife Center of Virginia; Brittany Davis of Second Chance Wildlife Center; and Kasey Birtz of City… Read More »

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    Free-roaming Cats Spread Toxoplasmosis, Risking Human Health and Wildlife Too

    (Washington, D.C., July 26, 2018) A new study linking cats, toxoplasmosis, and human brain function has become a widely covered news story. It provides a new perspective on the impact of tens of millions of free-roaming cats in the United… Read More »

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    Solutions for Pet Cats

    ABC's Cats Indoors program supports simple solutions to keep pet cats and wild birds safe. Check out catio designs and other solutions below to see which is the best fit for you and your cat! CATIO OPTIONS AND OTHER OUTDOOR… Read More »

  • Beloved and Deadly, Cats Are the ‘Lion in the Living Room'

    What is it about cats? They purr and cuddle up to us on our laps. But they also hunt birds and small mammals to the brink of extinction — and beyond. Whether house cats are turning entire ecosystems upside down or… Read More »