New Private Reserve Recognized by Peruvian Government to Protect Birds

Maranon Crescentchest by Dubi Shapiro
Marañon Crescentchest by Dubi Shapiro

(Washington, D.C., October 22, 2012) The Peruvian agency in charge of national protected areas, SERNANP, has approved two new Private Conservation Areas (PCAs) to conserve a critical area of rapidly disappearing Marañon-Chinchipe dry forests to protect several rare endemic species, including the Marañon Spinetail, Peruvian Pigeon, Little Inca-Finch, and Marañon Crescentchest.

Totaling 26 acres, the two new PCAs, provide strategic habitat protection for these birds and for many other bird species that commute daily into the reserve from the surrounding landscape to roost for the night. The PCAs are together known as Gotas de Agua and are located about four miles from the city of Jaen in northern Peru. The area is characterized by rolling hills covered by dry forests and steep bluffs with scenic views.

The land is owned by Luciano Troyes and his family, who have managed it for decades as a nature reserve for birds. Peru formally recognized the new PCAs with a declaration signed on October 9, 2012.

Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN), American Bird Conservancy's partner in Peru, and a leading Peruvian conservation organization, assisted the Troyes family with marketing, infrastructure, and the legal process to establish these PCAs on their land.

“I am so thankful for the support of ECOAN and ABC in establishing this new conservation area to conserve the endemic birds and biodiversity of the Marañon-Chinchipe dry forests.  The success of Gotas de Agua reflects our profound passion for nature,” said Troyes.

“This required a real team effort from ECOAN staff and supporters, including Rainforest Concern, Martin Stanley, American Bird Conservancy, and most of all – Luciano Troyes and his family,” said Constantino Aucca, President of ECOAN.

“Gotas de Agua is an incredibly scenic place where adventurous birders who are up for the challenge can see the rare endemic birds of Peru's Marañon Valley. It is a must-see for any birding tour traveling between northern Peru's coast and its eastern Andean slope,” said Dr. Daniel Lebbin, ABC Conservation Biologist.

Birdwatchers interested in visiting Gotas de Agua should consult for more information.

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