Dec 18


In Virginia's Piedmont Grasslands: a Firmer Foothold for Declining Birds

The Mid-Atlantic region is known for its symbolic Blue Ridge Mountains, bays and marshes, and flourishing deciduous forests. While these important habitats harbor some of North America’s most admired bird species, there’s one important ecosystem that’s often overlooked for bird conservation in these human-dominated landscapes — eastern grasslands. The majority… Read more >>

Dec 07


Parrot Paradox: The Unprotected, Endangered Red-crowned Parrot

How humanity threatens, benefits, and can save an endearing, range-restricted bird. The Red-crowned Parrot could be a poster-bird for the travails facing wild parrot populations around the world. Pummeled for decades by the one-two punch of habitat loss and capture for the bird trade, this chunky green bird with red… Read more >>

Dec 02


Woodpecker Sounds: An Intro to Drumming, Calls, and More

Birds make many amazing sounds, from trills and warbles to screeches, hoots, and quacks. While not exactly considered the virtuosos of the bird world, woodpeckers do make many incredible noises, vocal and otherwise. Understanding the sounds woodpeckers make can give birders interesting insights into these beautiful birds and how they… Read more >>

Nov 19


A Black Birder's Ramble Through the Thicket of Opinion on Social Movement and Bird Conservation

For birdwatchers, identity is everything. From feathered creatures’ reptilian origin to current taxonomy, we go to extremes to know, understand, and label the things we see. Attaching names is critical. Even as some of those names come into question because of associations with racists or other ne’er-do-well human beings, our… Read more >>

Nov 11


Mosquito Birth Control and the Fight to Save Hawaiian Honeycreepers

In this Q&A, ABC’s Hawai‘i Program Director Chris Farmer explains why Hawaiian honeycreepers are in such dire straits, and how ABC and partners’ urgent initiative aims to save them using Wolbachia — a tested tool in the fight to protect human health. Why is Hawai‘i sometimes called “the bird extinction… Read more >>

Nov 05


Embracing the Role of Bird Ambassadors…No Matter the Question

Smack in the middle of bustling Washington, D.C., near the highest elevation of the city’s Rock Creek Park, lies a clearing that’s proven to be a prime spot to see migratory birds. At dawn every spring morning, some of the country’s best birders sit here, along a stone wall, sharing… Read more >>

Oct 29


Silent Hunters: Seven Facts About Owls' Hunting and Eating Habits

Owls are quintessential creatures of the night (with a few exceptions mentioned below). Beautiful and formidable predators, they inspire admiration, fear, and a sense of mystery. There are more than 200 species of owls around the world. They are divided into two families, Tytonidae (Barn Owls) and Strigidae, which includes… Read more >>

Oct 21


Bird Hero: Karolina Araya Sandoval

Karolina Araya Sandoval grew up in the northern Chilean town of Arica, nicknamed “the City of Eternal Spring” for its Mediterranean climate and rich alluvial soil. After studying veterinary medicine in the country’s south, Karolina returned home, helping with the annual monitoring program for Chile’s smallest bird, the Critically Endangered… Read more >>

Oct 15


Meet Four Bird Conservation Superstars

Visitors come from around the world to watch birds and enjoy nature at reserves managed by ABC partners. In these wild places, they enjoy the spectacular show nature provides daily — mixed flocks of colorful tanagers flitting among epiphytic orchids in the emerald tree canopy, iridescent hummingbirds sipping nectar, curious… Read more >>

Oct 09


Saving Birds with Sound

A rapidly advancing conservation tool, bioacoustics brings science and sound study together, greatly expanding efforts to monitor and conserve birds.… Read more >>