Oct 21


Bird Hero: Karolina Araya Sandoval

Karolina Araya Sandoval grew up in the northern Chilean town of Arica, nicknamed “the City of Eternal Spring” for its Mediterranean climate and rich alluvial soil. After studying veterinary medicine in the country’s south, Karolina returned home, helping with the annual monitoring program for Chile’s smallest bird, the Critically Endangered… Read more >>

Oct 15


Meet Four Bird Conservation Superstars

Visitors come from around the world to watch birds and enjoy nature at reserves managed by ABC partners. In these wild places, they enjoy the spectacular show nature provides daily — mixed flocks of colorful tanagers flitting among epiphytic orchids in the emerald tree canopy, iridescent hummingbirds sipping nectar, curious… Read more >>

Oct 09


Saving Birds with Sound

A rapidly advancing conservation tool, bioacoustics brings science and sound study together, greatly expanding efforts to monitor and conserve birds.… Read more >>

Oct 01


Thousands of Migratory Birds Suddenly Died in New Mexico. What Does This Mean for Conservation?

Last month, thousands of birds died across New Mexico. At the White Sands Missile Range, where researchers normally encounter one or two dead birds each week during fall migration, there were suddenly hundreds. In northern New Mexico, people reported large numbers of “small, yellow birds,” mostly migratory Wilson’s and MacGillivray’s… Read more >>

Sep 28


Ghosts of the Coast: Protecting Beach-nesting Birds on the Gulf Coast

There is something special about watching birds in flight along the Gulf Coast in the early morning sun — listening to a Wilson’s Plover’s rattle as it defends its territory, or the low bark of a Black Skimmer as it flies somewhere between rays of light reflecting off the water.… Read more >>

Sep 22


Five Marvelous Birds of the Rainforest

Tropical rainforests are among the most diverse and complex ecosystems on our planet. They are home to thousands of colorful, unique bird species, including toucans and parrots. As many as 250 bird species can be found in a 220-acre patch of rainforest — five to six times the number of… Read more >>

Sep 15


Meet the Stunning Tanagers That Make the U.S. Their Summertime Home

Although only four tanager species are found in the United States, these birds hold a special place in the hearts of many thanks to their dazzling plumage. Given these vivid colors, and the fact that most U.S. tanagers occur here only seasonally, it may come as no surprise that these… Read more >>

Aug 18


Welcoming All to Enjoy Birds and Nature

I think everyone in the bird community has now heard about the incident that took place in Central Park, New York, on May 25. A white woman, Amy Cooper, called the police and falsely accused Christian Cooper (no relation), a Black birder, of threatening her — when in fact he… Read more >>

Aug 14


Ten Fascinating Facts About Hummingbirds

Found only in the Americas, hummingbirds are distinguished by their dazzling colors, diminutive size, and speedy flight. You might be familiar with some of the more common species in North America, like the Ruby-throated and Rufous Hummingbirds. But there are hundreds of species in the Americas, from Alaska to Tierra… Read more >>

Jul 28


Saving Red Gold: The International Effort to Rescue Red Siskins

A tale of two songbirds, one wild and vanishing, the other domesticated. Will this story end happily in one of the world’s most challenged countries? On a dreary winter morning, three of us from American Bird Conservancy (ABC) escape the Nation’s Capital sprawl, driving west to the Blue Ridge Mountains.… Read more >>