Jan 10


2017 Highlights in Bird Conservation

The past year saw breakthroughs for rare birds, enhanced protection for birds' full life-cycles, and success in confronting some of the most serious threats to birds. … Read more >>

Dec 12

From the Field

Hawai‘i's Lanai Cat Sanctuary Also Helps to Protect Endangered Birds

Cats live like royalty, and native birds are safe from predation. Could this be a solution to the ancient conflict between cats and birds?… Read more >>

Dec 06


Top 10 Myths About Wind Energy and Birds

Wind energy is another form of industrial development, and we can’t ignore its costs and consequences to wildlife and their habitats. … Read more >>

Nov 28


Why The Endangered Species Act is Vital for Bird Conservation

Now is the time for people who love wildlife to speak up on behalf of this important federal law.… Read more >>

Nov 21


Cross-border Conservation Restores Vital Habitat for Birds of the Rio Grande

A collaboration among conservationists in the United States and Mexico is improving habitat for the more than 700 bird species that occur along both sides of the river.… Read more >>

Nov 13

From the Field

For Birds, the Sky Isn't Just Empty Airspace. It's Habitat.

New research is shaping what we know about airspace as vital habitat for birds. … Read more >>

Oct 25

From the Field

Can Urban Conservation Save the São Paulo Marsh Antwren?

The race is on to protect the remaining habitat for the São Paulo Marsh Antwren, a critically endangered species that lives in the shadow of South America’s largest metropolis.… Read more >>

Oct 17


Chlorpyrifos: Why It's Time to Ban This Dangerous Chemical

Editor’s note: For 50 years the insecticide chlorpyrifos has been posing a threat to human health and wildlife, including birds. A bill recently introduced in Congress called the “Protect Children, Farmers & Farmworkers from Nerve Agent Pesticides Act” would ban this dangerous chemical. We asked Cynthia Palmer, ABC’s Director of… Read more >>

Oct 06


High in the Andes, Turf Mining Threatens Rare Birds' Habitat

Of the more than 10,000 species of birds on Earth, less than a quarter of one percent are considered critically endangered. These species are often restricted to unique and rare habitats that are susceptible to human disturbance. One such species, the White-bellied Cinclodes, makes its home high in the Peruvian… Read more >>

Sep 28


Greater Sage-Grouse Need Better Protections, Not More Development

Editor’s Note: This week, the U.S. Department of the Interior is expected to announce a formal notice of intent to substantially alter existing federal conservation plans for Greater Sage-Grouse across 10 states. The existing plans were put in place in 2015 after a collaborative consultation process that included Western governors,… Read more >>