Nov 15


ABC Remembers David Pashley, Bird Conservation Pioneer

On October 31, 2018, ABC’s friend and colleague David Pashley passed away following a long illness. A relentless advocate for bird conservation throughout the Western Hemisphere, David was also a master of inclusion with an incredible ability to forge partnerships. He leaves behind a tremendous conservation legacy. David found his… Read more >>

Oct 14


Video: Surviving the Wild: Cats and Birds

Few people experience the impacts of free-roaming cats as intimately as wildlife rehabilitators. In this short documentary, meet Dr. Dave McRuer, formerly of the Wildlife Center of Virginia; Brittany Davis of Second Chance Wildlife Center; and Kasey Birtz of City Wildlife — individuals who simultaneously love cats and are tasked… Read more >>

Sep 18


Top Ways You Can Help Birds, from Coffee to Collisions

All of us can take steps to make migration a little safer. Find the solutions that work for you.… Read more >>

Sep 06


Annie Novak, Urban Farmer and Bird Champion, Joins ABC Board

We're pleased to welcome Annie Novak to the ABC Board of Directors!  Based in New York City, Annie is an urban birder, writer, and activist. She is the founder and director of Growing Chefs, a field-to-fork food education program; the Manager of the Edible Academy at the New York Botanical… Read more >>

Aug 23


Plastics Pose an Enduring Threat To Seabirds

Whether it’s the largest species of albatross swallowing discarded toothbrushes or the smallest phalarope with a grain of plastic in its gizzard, no seabird is immune to the enormous amount of plastic debris in the world’s oceans. Seabirds in the most remote places on earth are affected: Laysan Albatross nesting… Read more >>

Aug 17

News, Perspectives

Millions of Albatrosses Now Lead-free on Midway

Albatross chicks hatching on the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge now have one less hazard to face on their journey to adulthood. The atoll, home to the world’s largest population of Laysan Albatross, has been declared lead-free after a decade-long effort to remove the toxic substance from buildings, sand, and… Read more >>

Aug 14


Martha: The Last of Her Kind

When Martha the Passenger Pigeon died in 1914, "I felt that I had lost a pal," said Richard Fluke.… Read more >>

Aug 06

From the Field

Looking for a Needle in the Brazilian Jungle

The first of three searches for the Stresemann’s Bristlefront, one of the world’s most endangered birds, has concluded in Brazil. Alexander Zaidan of Fundação Biodiversitas and his team scoured an area of forest outside of the “Mata do Passarinho” Reserve (“Songbird Forest”) over the past few days — and so far have found… Read more >>

Jul 30

From the Field

Search for Feathered Treasure Is On In Brazil's Songbird Forest

An extensive search for one of the world’s most endangered birds is underway, with Fundação Biodiversitas’ Alexander Zaidan (below right) — a leading researcher on the species — leading the mission to find and save it. Stresemann’s Bristlefront (Merulaxis stresemanni) occurs only in the Songbird Forest, or “Mata do Passarinho”… Read more >>

Jul 27


New Hope for Brazil's Blue-eyed Ground-Dove

Blue-eyed Ground-Dove, one of the world's rarest birds, is getting a boost from stepped-up conservation and establishment of a new state park in Brazil.… Read more >>