Aug 07


Colombian Corridor Aims to Help Cerulean Warbler

Communities and private landowners collaborate to create a conservation corridor that provides critical habitat for the imperiled songbird.

Aug 05


Endangered Santa Marta Parakeet Gains Protection of Important Habitat

The 148-acre tract in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta will provide critical protection to the parakeet and dozens of migratory bird species.… Read more >>

Jul 31


Russian Ban on Drift Net Fishing Bodes Well for Seabirds

A new law will save tens of thousands of seabirds from becoming entangled in long fishing nets.… Read more >>

Jul 30


Behind the Report: Neonicotinoid Insecticides 'Harm the Little Creatures'

A 2015 report from American Bird Conservancy finds that more than 90 percent of food samples taken from Congressional cafeterias contain neonicotinoid insecticides, a widely used class of chemicals that is highly toxic to birds and other wildlife. To learn more, we caught up with Cynthia Palmer, Director of Pesticides… Read more >>

Jul 29


Hollow Pipes Pose Deadly Threat to Birds

More than 100 organizations call on federal agencies to address millions of uncapped pipes that mark the boundaries of mining claims and fatally trap small birds.… Read more >>

Jul 24


To Save Birds, Change Rules on Wind Turbines

Before we rush to build thousands of turbines taller than many skyscrapers, we should pause to examine what we already know about turbines’ effects on wildlife.… Read more >>

Jul 22


New Study Heightens Concern for Oregon Vesper Sparrow

New research confirms the Oregon Vesper Sparrow's population could be smaller than scientists previously believed.… Read more >>

Jul 21


White House Plays Down Pesticide Threat to Pollinators

Federal strategy takes a myopic view of neonicotinoid insecticides, an insidious class of chemicals that is deadly to birds, butterflies, honeybees, and other wildlife. … Read more >>

Jun 12

From the Field

Warblers and Woodcock in Minnesota's Wild North

From northern Wisconsin, I traveled west to Minnesota and the north shore of Lake Superior. Based out of Gooseberry Falls State Park, about an hour northeast of Duluth, my wife Carol and I toured the boreal forests of this marvelous area… Read more >>

Jun 08

From the Field

In Wisconsin, Reminders of the Past

By Bruce Beehler June 3, 2015 Blog #19 of my North with the Spring journey: In the southwestern corner of Wisconsin, where the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi, there are a series of high bluffs that hem in these two great rivers. The bluff south of the Wisconsin is called Wyalusing, and… Read more >>