Jan 06

From the Field

Loco for Cuckoos: My Search for the Bay-breasted Cuckoo

By Andrew Rothman Nearly everyone involved in bird conservation has an unseen bird that haunts them—a “ghost bird,” so to speak. My ghost bird, for years, was the Bay-breasted Cuckoo, also known as the “Cua” for its cooing call. Like most other cuckoos, this bird is exceptionally furtive, but also… Read more >>

Dec 23

News, Perspectives

Avian Methuselah: Celebrated Red Knot Keeps on Trucking

The rufa Red Knot called B95 or “Moonbird” may be the most famous bird on Earth. I can’t think of any other wild bird that has its own biographer (Philip Hoose, author of “Moonbird.”) Nor am I aware of any other single bird that has its own statue (at the… Read more >>

Nov 08


The View from Northern Nicaragua's Highlands: Saving Birds with Coffee

by Scott Weidensaul Migratory birds—which must overcome so many natural challenges as they journey from one end of the globe to another—are having a much harder time overcoming the obstacles that humans have added to the mix: habitat loss, environmental contaminants, climate change, and a lot more. But we humans… Read more >>

Oct 24

From the Field

Chilean Woodstar: A Species Clings to Life in an Otherworldly Landscape

By Dan Lebbin Departing the city of Arica, Chile, during predawn hours, Bojana Kuzimicic picks me up in a Suburu Forester SUV and we drive out into the desert. Our first destination is Taltape, in the Camarones Valley, a two hours’ drive south of Arica. This desert, the Atacama, looks… Read more >>

Sep 19

From the Field

The Art of Waiting on St. Lucia's White-breasted Thrasher

By Kate Freeman While the Caribbean island of St. Lucia has many aspects of a tropical paradise, working in this forest is not exactly white sand and turquoise water. Snake chaps are a critical part of my field gear, as this place is home to the venomous Fer-de-Lance, or St.… Read more >>

Sep 16

From the Field

Millerbird Drama: Season Finale on Laysan Island

August 26 – September 8, 2013 Andrea Kristof The Millerbirds’ fourth breeding wave of the 2013 season continued through our last days on Laysan Island, reflecting the incredible success of our project to ensure a future for this endangered species. Twenty-three pairs are currently displaying breeding behavior ranging from nest… Read more >>

Sep 06


Bring Back the Birds! Parting Thoughts on Partners in Flight V

By David Younkman In case you missed it last week, Partners in Flight V (PIFV)—a three-day conference and conservation Workshop held in Snowbird, Utah—was quite the event. More than 225 people (45 of them from Latin America and the Caribbean) from 120 agencies and organizations and 14 countries came together… Read more >>

Sep 03

From the Field

Multi-tasking Millerbird Parents

August 12-25, 2013 Megan Dalton For most of the last two weeks, we did not find any new Millerbird chicks, so our tally for the 2013 breeding season was stuck at 48. However, due to a very sneaky, very busy pair in the territory on the southern side of the… Read more >>

Aug 27


Coming Together to Save Bird Species: Can It Be Done?

By Peter Marra Day two at PIF V. Stayed up too late drinking and talking bird conservation. No regrets and I’ll do it again tonight. Now I’m in the morning session … Andean music, bird quiz … then on to the plenary talks, which took a high altitude approach to… Read more >>

Aug 27


Partners in Flight: Taking a Page from the Business World

This week, ABC hosts blogs from our friends at the Partners in Flight V (PIFV) meeting taking place in Snowbird, Utah. We are delighted to spread the word about PIF’s great work to advance migratory bird conservation. For more information on the meeting, see pifv.org. By Bruce M. Beehler My first… Read more >>