Jun 22


A Change of Heart: Stories of Responsible Cat Care

With baby bird season in full swing, it's more important than ever to keep pet cats happily contained. In an effort to spread the word, we're launching our Solutions Campaign. … Read more >>

Jun 06

From the Field

From California to Florida, A Push to Make Windows Safer for Birds

Most of us know the signs: a dull thump, a powdery smudge, or a few tiny breast feathers stuck on the glass. A bird has struck our window. Here are five facilities across the country where simple modifications are making windows safer for songbirds.… Read more >>

Jun 01

From the Field

A Quest to Save Wood Thrush (and Jaguars) in Nicaragua's Largest Remaining Forest

Every year, millions of Wood Thrush take to the skies and trade one chain of gentle mountains for another. They travel along the rolling ridge of the Appalachians, cross the Gulf of Mexico, and after brief sojourns to rest and refuel, alight in the humid forests of Central America. For… Read more >>

May 24

From the Field

Bald Eagle, the Ultimate Endangered Species Act Success Story

Bald Eagles were taken off the endangered species list in 2007. More than a decade later, where does the species stand?… Read more >>

May 15

From the Field

Harpy Eagles Return to Nest at Brazil's Serra Bonita Reserve

Harpy Eagles, some of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world, are apex predators of South American lowland rainforests. This imposing bird has powerful legs as thick as a man’s wrist, ending in huge talons as large as bear claws – adaptations for dispatching its prey, often monkeys… Read more >>

May 10

From the Field

A Champion for Flammulated Owls and Other Birds of the Pacific Northwest

"If you want to address the needs of all these species," says conservationist Bob Altman, "you have to build a mosaic of conditions."… Read more >>

May 04


Help Birds Now: Spring Into Action for Birds and Their Habitats

Spring migration is upon us. More than ever, we need you to help birds now. Please join us in asking Congress and the Administration to support funding and positive measures for birds and to reject attacks on our bedrock environmental laws. Three issues now under consideration will have a significant… Read more >>

Apr 26

From the Field

In Southern Ecuador, Shade Coffee and Bird Conservation Go Hand in Hand

As promising partnerships between coffee farmers and bird conservationists show, their respective goals of growing flavorful coffee beans and conserving declining bird species have much in common.… Read more >>

Apr 19


Island Birds, Unique and Vulnerable, Need Our Help

History tells us that islands are the epicenters of extinction. Yet we also have the tools and the knowledge to save island birds and make them beacons of conservation success.… Read more >>

Apr 05


Ten Spring Migration Tips to Help Birds on Their Way

All of us can take steps to make migration a little safer. Find the solutions that work for you.… Read more >>