Feb 01


Top Nine Birding Destinations in 2019

Wondering where to go birding in 2019? Check out our Latin American and Caribbean must-see destinations. Whether you want to trek the Peruvian Andes in search of the Marvelous Spatuletail, explore Brazil’s red sandstone canyons for a look at flocks of Lear’s Macaw, or relax among Costa Rica’s Scarlet Macaws, we’ve… Read more >>

Jan 25


Securing a Rare Bird's Nest Egg: Blue-throated Macaw Conservation

A new Bolivian reserve protects key nesting areas for the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw Thanks to decades of work by passionate scientists, conservation organizations, macaw lovers, and local people, the Blue-throated Macaw’s odds of survival are increasing. Some dangers facing the bird have diminished, and protection measures helped boost the wild population to more than 400 individuals. The August 2018 creation… Read more >>

Jan 14


Bird News Roundup: Week of 1/14/19

Still catching up from the holidays and New Years? Take a break with our latest roundup of notable bird and bird conservation news. We've got updates about some of your favorite species, from Whooping Crane to Lear’s Macaw. 1. “Feisty hummingbirds prioritize fencing over feeding,” Science Daily Hummingbirds are more… Read more >>

Jan 11


Nearly Extinct but Still Hanging On: Five Rediscovered Birds

Perched on the brink of extinction, lost birds are among the most intriguing enigmas in the bird world. Unseen for decades or more, the existence of these birds — known only from outdated photos, drawings, or a museum specimen or two — remains a source of lingering question and doubt. Sometimes… Read more >>

Jan 03


Saving the Reddish Egret, a Seashore Sentinel

Reddish Egret conservation efforts may help conserve an entire ecosystem. It’s a warm, humid spring evening on South Padre Island, a thin, 34-mile-long barrier island sheltering the southernmost tip of Texas. The skies are filling with the sharp silhouettes of birds — wings, beaks, tails of all shapes and sizes… Read more >>

Dec 27

From the Field

In Brazil, the 'Nest-best' Hope for Protecting Gray-breasted Parakeets

Although most of us could not identify a Gray-breasted Parakeet in a line-up, this species is now undergoing one of the bird conservation world's most impressive comebacks. It's one of a number of highly effective efforts to save parrots using a very specific conservation tool: nest boxes. These encouraging results remind… Read more >>

Dec 20


10 Biggest Conservation Wins for Birds in 2018

From attacks on cornerstone bird protections to new drilling threats in sage-grouse country, 2018 held no shortage of challenges for birds and bird conservation. Despite these growing threats, American Bird Conservancy and its partners scored some remarkable wins over the last 12 months, defending birds from immediate risks while effectively… Read more >>

Dec 16


Bird News Roundup: Week of 12/16/18

With so much news and the busy holiday season, it can be difficult to keep up with bird conservation stories. Here’s a roundup of some of the top articles that recently piqued our interest and relate to work ABC is doing. 1. "Exploring the Ecosystem of the U.S.–Mexico Border," Scientific… Read more >>

Dec 14


Best Bird Stories of 2018: Five Must-reads

From innovative efforts to save Wood Thrush habitat in Nicaragua to the adoption of bird-friendly building design at the Johnson Space Center in Texas, BirdCalls Blog took a deep dive into the issues that drove bird conservation in 2018. We’re sharing our five favorite bird stories of the last 12… Read more >>

Nov 27


Attract Birds: A Dozen Native Trees and Shrubs that Birds Love

Manicured suburban lawns just don’t cut it for birds. Sure, you may see an American Robin stop by. But to attract birds to your home (and provide needed food and shelter), move beyond lawns to create a buffet of benefits for your avian neighbors. Read on for a list of… Read more >>