Mar 06


At Stockton University, Students and Staff Collaborate to Prevent Bird Collisions

Art Should Be Striking…Not Birds A flock of birds has taken flight in artistic form across a glass breezeway on Stockton University's campus in New Jersey. The winged silhouettes serve two purposes: They warn migrating birds to steer clear of the windows and educate viewers about the unseen threat buildings pose to birds… Read more >>

Feb 24


Invasive Birds of the U.S.: Seven of the Most Common Species

Invasive birds first arrived in North America more than 400 years ago. Since then, a steady stream of introductions — both intentional and accidental — have swelled their ranks. Today, nearly 100 nonnative bird species have self-sustaining populations in the United States. From Purple Swamphens, restricted to a small area… Read more >>

Feb 04


Effective and Attractive Ways to Make Building Windows Safe for Birds

Every year in the United States, collisions with glass kill up to 1 billion birds. The good news is that we know how to address this crisis: Add patterns to glass that make it visible to birds and you will prevent collisions. All buildings are a collision threat. This means… Read more >>

Jan 27


Do American Robins Migrate?

Springtime singer or snowy sentinel? The American Robin may be one of North America's most familiar songbirds, yet its wintering patterns raise a common question: Do robins migrate? The answer is yes and no. We associate robins with spring for good reason: In many places, they arrive with the warm… Read more >>

Jan 23


Top Five Birds in Decline: A Birder's Perspective

This blog focuses on the top five North American bird species showing the greatest declines over the last 50 years. A 2019 Science study noting that 3 billion birds were lost since 1970 focused on bird groups, but the species-decline percentages below come from trend data used in the analysis.… Read more >>

Jan 21


Owls of the United States: A List of all Species

Nineteen owl species are found in the United States. Ranging from the diminutive Elf Owl — the smallest owl on the continent — to the massive Great Gray Owl, these charismatic birds come in many shapes and sizes. While owls’ extraordinary hunting skills, nocturnal habits, and haunting calls are the… Read more >>

Jan 15


Sustainable Forestry for Cerulean Warblers

Chris Schucker’s property in Berks County, Pennsylvania, has been in his family for generations, starting with the family farm purchased by his great-grandfather in 1921. The Schucker family was in the lumber business, and Chris thought he knew trees pretty well. “I grew up being at the mill,” Schucker said.… Read more >>

Jan 03


New ESA Rules Compromise Conservation Efforts

Last year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) finalized three rules that left the Endangered Species Act weakened, curtailing protections for imperiled birds and other wildlife. Fortunately, birds are not without allies in Congress. Several representatives have introduced the PAW and FIN Conservation Act, H.R. 4348, to nullify these… Read more >>

Dec 30


Minding the Gap: Protecting the Rarest Unprotected Birds

Depending on whose taxonomy you use, there are close to 10,000 bird species on Earth. How can we hope to prevent species extinctions with so many birds and so many threats in today’s world? At ABC we have broken the challenge down into a series of steps. The first begins… Read more >>

Dec 24


Within a Lifetime: 3 Billion Birds Lost

Dr. Donald Messersmith remembers June 1970 for laborious but enjoyable hours spent in the rolling fields around Pleasant Valley, Maryland. A life-long birder and University of Maryland emeritus professor, Messersmith recalls volunteering with some of his students, running a route for the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), then a… Read more >>