May 04


Help Birds Now: Spring Into Action for Birds and Their Habitats

Spring migration is upon us. More than ever, we need you to help birds now. Please join us in asking Congress and the Administration to support funding and positive measures for birds and to reject attacks on our bedrock environmental laws. Three issues now under consideration will have a significant… Read more >>

Apr 26

From the Field

In Southern Ecuador, Shade Coffee and Bird Conservation Go Hand in Hand

As promising partnerships between coffee farmers and bird conservationists show, their respective goals of growing flavorful coffee beans and conserving declining bird species have much in common.… Read more >>

Apr 19


Island Birds, Unique and Vulnerable, Need Our Help

History tells us that islands are the epicenters of extinction. Yet we also have the tools and the knowledge to save island birds and make them beacons of conservation success.… Read more >>

Apr 05


Ten Spring Migration Tips to Help Birds on Their Way

All of us can take steps to make migration a little safer. Find the solutions that work for you.… Read more >>

Mar 28


Six Stunning Hummingbirds in 90 Seconds

From Costa's to Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, these six diminutive species are among the jewels of ABC's Bird Reserve Network. Marvelous Spatuletail is one of the rarest, numbering fewer than 1,000 individuals. Please enjoy, then consider supporting our work to conserve bird habitat! Sign up for ABC's Bird of the Week: Test your knowledge… Read more >>

Mar 21


Araripe Manakin Habitat Purchase Pays Off in Nests

ABC and our Brazilian partner Aquasis have secured more than 170 acres of habitat for the critically endangered Araripe Manakin, doubling the size of the existing Araripe Oasis Reserve (which ABC had also helped create in 2014) and connecting it to the much larger Araripe National Forest. This additional Araripe Manakin… Read more >>

Mar 13


New Research Suggests Need for Cautious Management of Seabirds

In new research, some scientists say it's time to reassess the conservation status of the Black-footed Albatross.… Read more >>

Mar 02


Aliens Invade Seabirds' Island Strongholds

What counts as an invasive species might surprise you. Mosquitoes, plants, and house mice and other mammals — including those super-predators, free-roaming cats — have invaded ecosystems they don’t naturally inhabit, putting pressure on native birds and other wildlife. During National Invasive Species Awareness Week, we’re exploring how these non-natives… Read more >>

Feb 21

From the Field

Video: Hummingbirds Defy Description

Hummingbirds are some of the most colorful, vibrant birds in the Americas. But many hummingbird species need our help. Watch this video gallery and consider supporting ABC's mission to protect the hemisphere's rarest birds.… Read more >>

Feb 14


Conservation Groups Ask Congress to Defend the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Dozens of organizations are asking Congress to reject misguided efforts that pit conservation against economic development.… Read more >>