Mar 06


Birds Flying Into Windows? Truths About Birds & Glass Collisions from ABC Experts

Glass collisions kill vast numbers of birds in the United States each year. Yet most Americans know little about this danger, and even fewer are aware of the solutions available to help prevent these deaths — fixes that in many cases are easy and inexpensive. To shed light on this… Read more >>

Mar 04


A High-wire Act to Protect Whooping Cranes from Powerlines

Kansas power companies join forces to prevent crane-powerline collisions The Whooping Crane is a bird of distinction. North America’s tallest bird and one of its most endangered species, this gleaming-white, 15-pound wetland denizen almost became as mythical as the now-extinct Passenger Pigeon. In the early 1940s, only 15 remained. Thanks to years of… Read more >>

Feb 22


Goat Farms and Hurricanes: Q+A on Kirtland's Warbler Recovery

The Kirtland’s Warbler is being considered for delisting from the federal endangered species list, after reaching a population more than double its recovery goal. But it's still among the rarest, most range-restricted migratory songbirds in North America, with only about 2,300 breeding pairs alive today. How can we be sure Kirtland's Warbler recovery will… Read more >>

Feb 14


Closing the Gap: Protecting Overlooked Bird Species

Conservationists hope to begin protecting overlooked bird species by identifying which birds still lack protected areas. ABC has always made preventing bird extinctions a top priority. We’ve made great strides toward this goal with the help of our partners and other conservationists, and to date, we’ve supported the establishment of protected areas for 60 species of highly… Read more >>

Feb 10


Scaling Up Migratory Bird Conservation: A New Approach?

What if bird conservation could generate revenue? While there is more to be learned about the threats facing many species of migratory birds, we already know enough to target conservation work in ways that will help some of the fastest-declining species. For example, species such as the Wood Thrush and Long-billed Curlew face habitat loss and degradation on both breeding and wintering grounds,… Read more >>

Feb 07


Bird News Roundup: Week Of 2/3/19

Take a mid-winter break with our latest round-up, a “warming” collection of notable bird and conservation news. We've got updates about loons, rediscovered birds, and even a butterfly and frog for good measure 1. “Scientists Surprised to Find Endangered Seabirds on Oahu,” Civil Beat Hawai’i’s two endemic seabirds, IUCN-listed Critically… Read more >>

Feb 03


Native Birds and Plants: More than Footnotes in the Landscape

In the northeastern United States, where I farm and write, our native oak trees support 534 species of moths and butterflies. Hundreds more rely on Black Cherry, willow, birch, and poplar trees. Of our flowers, Asclepias (milkweed) supports the charismatic Monarch butterfly; Monarda, Lobelia, and Phlox are beloved by many… Read more >>

Feb 01


Top Nine Birding Destinations in 2019

Wondering where to go birding in 2019? Check out our Latin American and Caribbean must-see destinations. Whether you want to trek the Peruvian Andes in search of the Marvelous Spatuletail, explore Brazil’s red sandstone canyons for a look at flocks of Lear’s Macaw, or relax among Costa Rica’s Scarlet Macaws, we’ve… Read more >>

Jan 25


Securing a Rare Bird's Nest Egg: Blue-throated Macaw Conservation

A new Bolivian reserve protects key nesting areas for the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw Thanks to decades of work by passionate scientists, conservation organizations, macaw lovers, and local people, the Blue-throated Macaw’s odds of survival are increasing. Some dangers facing the bird have diminished, and protection measures helped boost the wild population to more than 400 individuals. The August 2018 creation… Read more >>

Jan 14


Bird News Roundup: Week of 1/14/19

Still catching up from the holidays and New Years? Take a break with our latest roundup of notable bird and bird conservation news. We've got updates about some of your favorite species, from Whooping Crane to Lear’s Macaw. 1. “Feisty hummingbirds prioritize fencing over feeding,” Science Daily Hummingbirds are more… Read more >>