Meet Dan Trudeau, New Member of Team ABC

We're pleased to welcome Dan Trudeau to the ABC Staff!

Dan comes to American Bird Conservancy with a diverse work history that includes experience as a newspaper reporter, communications professional, and environmental educator. Most recently, he was a development writer for Wayne State University in Detroit.

He holds a BA in English from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Journalism from Boston University. He is an enthusiastic birder and lives in Royal Oak, Mich. with his wife Megan, son Graham, and their dog, Ruby.

As impressive as all of this is, there's even more to know about Dan Trudeau, and we're thrilled to have him be part of Team ABC. Read on to find out what we learned when we spoke with him recently.

Title: Great Lakes Development Officer


Favorite bird:

Eastern Meadowlark (Dan notes: This is a very tough question to answer. I also considered Cedar Waxwing, Blackburnian Warbler, and Barred Owl. I love them all for different reasons.)

What first got you interested in birds and/or conservation?

I first became interested in birds when I was a kid. My dad would frequently take me on hikes in the woods and would point out interesting birds. I remember finding a Great Horned Owl one winter day and was hooked on birds for the long-haul.

What is your first priority for bird conservation or for your job specifically?

The Great Lakes team is working to restore habitat that is critical to a number of vulnerable or declining bird species, including the Kirtland's Warbler, Golden-Winged Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, and others. My priority is to help them access the resources and support needed to sustain and expand this important work, and to preserve these birds for the future.

What are you most excited about now that you're part of the ABC team?

I'm excited to work alongside a team of people with tremendous knowledge, talent, and passion for birds.

Though you just started, if you could make sure everyone knew one thing about ABC or your project, what would it be?

I think that ABC does a tremendous job of working collaboratively with an extremely wide range of conservation partners, while also providing real leadership in identifying and addressing the threats facing birds throughout the Americas.

Fun Fact:

In addition to birding, I enjoy tennis, hiking, and travel. My most exciting bird encounter was stumbling on an Elf Owl in a Saguaro forest at sunset in Tucson, Ariz. For a Midwesterner like me, this was quite a thrill.

Favorite ___:

Food: The pizza at Roberta's in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Movie: "The Big Sleep"
Book: "Moby Dick"
Sports Team: The Detroit Tigers