ABCat20: Results for Birds

We don't believe in looking back too much here at ABC; there is just too much happening in the present. But as we passed our 20th anniversary, we took a moment to celebrate our successes and reflect on what we have learned.

The hummingbird continues to be a perfect symbol for us: a small yet fearless and nimble bird that refuses to give up.

Those characteristics, along with our simple yet effective conservation framework, have enabled us to do great things for birds

  • Building the movement for “bringing back the birds” by expanding partnerships and resources for bird conservation.

Bird Conservation: The Challenges Ahead

Our successes have been many—but there is no doubt that challenges lie ahead.

The bird habitat base is reduced in the north and the south of our migrants' ranges. Many species‘ populations have shrunk, and many more are now at risk of extinction.

Whole new threats have arisen such as a new class of highly toxic pesticides, new land-gobbling forms of energy production, and exploding populations of damaging introduced species.

Climate change is forcing society to re-evaluate its priorities. And long reliable biodiversity conservation organizations have subtly altered course from safeguarding wildlife to conserving nature for man's benefit.

No Quit in ABC

Some wring their hands over this litany of environmental problems. Some say that they feel like giving up. But that isn't going to happen here at ABC.

These 20 years at ABC tell us that fearlessness and persistence pay off. It took many years, but we finally saw the notorious poison d-CON pulled from retail shelves.

Advances in habitat management helped the population of endangered Interior Least Terns bounce back.

And in Hawai'i, sophisticated new fencing methods are giving birds like Laysan Albatross a chance to breed without threat of predators.

To the Next 20 Years

We can see the positive results of our efforts. The faint of heart may fall away, but we at ABC are ratcheting up, doing what it takes to bring back the birds.

If you like our first 20 years, then please stay tuned to see what we do in the next 20: There is no quit in ABC!