Answers Found to Pelican Mass Stranding Mystery

June 17, 2010

Brown Pelican Pacific , Photo: ©Alan Wilson The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) is reporting that the primary causes of the recent Brown Pelican mass stranding (involving varying degrees of incapacitation of hundreds of birds) along the Oregon and California Coast are related to shortages of preferred prey items, such as anchovies and … Read More>>

New Population of Very Rare, Long-whiskered Owlet Discovered in Peru

June 17, 2010

Long-whiskered Owlet. Photo: © Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN) The Long-whiskered Owlet, one of the rarest birds in the world, was filmed and photographed in January 2010 by researchers at La Esperanza, Peru. Fewer than 15 people have ever seen this bird in the wild. Several birds were spotted in an area only a few miles … Read More>>


Whooping Crane Crisis in the Aransas Bay

June 17, 2010

Whooping Cranes. Photo: © FWS   ABC has signed on as a supporter of The Aransas Project, an alliance concerned with decreasing freshwater flows in the Guadalupe River Basin of Texas and the resulting increase in salinity along coastal inlets, including the Aransas Bay, where the only remaining natural flock of endangered Whooping Cranes spends … Read More>>


US Taking Action to Enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

June 17, 2010

Golden Eagles are among the most frequently killed birds on power lines due to their size and the vantage that utility poles offer them for hunting. Photo: ©   In two separate cases, oil giant ExxonMobil and PacificCorp, a major electric utility, recently pleaded guilty to killing eagles and other migratory birds, and will … Read More>>


Montana Easement Protects Habitat for Migrant Birds

June 17, 2010

Red-naped Sapsucker. Photo: © Tom Grey   Thanks in part to efforts by American Bird Conservancy, the Flathead Land Trust recently signed a conservation easement with the owners of one of the highest quality wetlands in the Flathead Valley of northwest Montana. The easement protects 295 acres on the interior of Church Slough, an oxbow … Read More>>

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