Scientists to Investigate Impacts of Wind Energy on Migratory Wildlife

July 23, 2009

Racine, WI & Ithaca, NY, July 23, 2009—Thirty top wildlife scientists have announced agreement on some of the highest research priorities to help America's rapidly growing wind energy industry produce much-needed alternative energy—while also providing safe passage for birds and bats. This coalition of scientists from industry, government, nongovernmental organizations, and universities met recently in … Read More>>

EPA Issues Landmark Decision to Prohibit Deadly Pesticide Carbofuran Residues on Food

July 24, 2008

(Washington, D.C.) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a proposed decision that residues of carbofuran, a toxic pesticide that is used on a variety of crops, will no longer be allowed on food. This effectively means that carbofuran will have to be removed from the U.S. market, benefiting consumers and farm workers, as … Read More>>

$6 Million Settlement for Resource Damages from Buzzards Bay Oil Spill

April 27, 2003

  Roseate Tern. By: USFWS Bouchard Transportation Co. Inc. and its affiliates will pay more than $6 million to settle a portion of the federal and state damage claims for the April 2003 spill of up to 98,000 gallons of oil into Buzzards Bay, near New Bedford, Mass. Hundreds of loons, sea ducks, endangered Roseate … Read More>>

La Reserva Giles-fuertesi duplica su tamaño para salvar al Loro Coroniazul

January 1, 1970

La Reserva Giles-fuertesi duplica su tamaño para salvar al Loro Coroniazul Lorito de Fuertes, Fundación ProAves (Washington, D.C., 23 de Abril, 2012) El Loro Coroniazul  y otras once especies de aves, mamíferos y anfibios críticamente amenazados estarán más protegidos gracias al esfuerzo conjunto de varias organizaciones entre ellas la Fundación ProAves,  World Land Trust-US, Robert … Read More>>

Endangered Hawai'i Film Featuring Richard Chamberlain Receives International Acclaim at Top European Enviro Film Festival

January 1, 1970

Photo courtesy Richard Chamberlain (Washington, D.C., December 20, 2012) Endangered Hawaiʻi, a video about the shocking and tragic extinction of dozens of bird species in Hawaiʻi, has been awarded the International Jury Prize at EKOFILM – International Film Festival on the Environment and Natural and Cultural Heritage. The 30-minute video is narrated by the actor … Read More>>

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