Fort Wool with terns, Spring 2020 by Meghan Marchetti, DGIF_news

Virginia Comes Through for Displaced Hampton Roads Waterbird Colony

May 15, 2020

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | | @JERutter Expert Contact: Mike Parr, President, 202-888-7486 | | @michaeljparr (Washington, D.C., May 15, 2020) The Commonwealth of Virginia has come through for the waterbird colony that previously nested on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel's South Island, a habitat impacted by ongoing construction. Rip … Read More>>

Bald Eagle with turbines by Louise Redcorn_news

New York's Accelerated Renewable Energy Act Poses Risks to Birds

May 11, 2020

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, ABC Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | | @JERutter Expert Contact: Joel Merriman, ABC Bird-Smart Wind Energy Campaign Director, 202-888-7471 | (Washington, D.C., May 11, 2020) When the New York State Legislature finalized the state budget, it included the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act. The Act seeks … Read More>>

Townsend's Warbler by Craig Kerns_courtesy Cornell Lab of Ornithology_news

World Migratory Bird Day is May 9: Celebrate and Help Birds from Home

May 5, 2020

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, ABC Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | | @JERutter (Washington, D.C., May 5, 2020) Migratory birds are now flooding across the continent, as they return to their nesting grounds this spring. World Migratory Bird Day is on May 9, 2020, as people around the globe welcome birds back—and lend them a … Read More>>

Blue-eyed Ground-Dove by Ciro Albano_PressRelease

MILESTONE: One of the World's Rarest Birds Edges Toward Rebound in Brazil

April 30, 2020

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) partner SAVE Brasil recorded 25 Blue-eyed Ground-Dove individuals in spring 2020 — the highest count yet for one of the world's rarest birds. Since the dove's rediscovery in eastern Brazil in 2015, conservation actions have progressed toward the goal of securing a safe future for this Critically Endangered species. In 2018, … Read More>>

Long-billed Curlew by Tim Zurowski Shutterstock_News

MILESTONE: ABC Partners with Pheasants Forever to Restore Grassland Bird Habitats on Montana Working Lands

April 29, 2020

Pheasants Forever (PF) was selected in April 2020 to receive a Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) award from the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and will partner with American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and other groups to implement a total of $761,000 in habitat delivery efforts in Montana. This will help farmers and ranchers restore habitat … Read More>>

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