Kirtlands Warbler_not singing_ by Jacob Spendelow_PRFeatImage

Kirtland's Warbler is Off the List

October 8, 2019

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | Expert Contact: Shawn Graff, Vice President of ABC's Great Lakes Program, 262-707-5700 | (Washington, D.C., October 8, 2019) Thanks to an intensive, decades-long effort from many partners in the wildlife conservation community, the Kirtland's Warbler is now an Endangered Species Act (ESA) success story, as … Read More>>

Stresemann's-Bristlefront-Oct-2019_Alexander Zaidan_PRFeatImage

“Hope,” Lone Female Stresemann's Bristlefront, Re-Sighted in Brazil

October 3, 2019

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | Expert Contact: Amy Upgren, Alliance for Zero Extinction Program Officer, 540-253-5780 | (Washington, D.C., October 3, 2019) A lone female Stresemann's Bristlefront was re-sighted yesterday just outside of the Mata do Passarinho, or “Songbird Forest,” Reserve, Atlantic Forest, Bahia, Brazil. She is the only known … Read More>>

Kwiikiu by Zach Pezzillo (MFBRP)_PRFeatImage

Kiwikiu Translocation Holds Promise for One of the World's Rarest Birds

September 30, 2019

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, Director of Public Relations, American Bird Conservancy, 202-888-7472 Expert Contacts: Hanna Mounce, Project Coordinator, Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project, 808-421-7483 Chris Farmer, Hawai‘i Program Director, American Bird Conservancy, 808-987-1779 Christina Simmons, Public Relations Manager, San Diego Zoo Global, 619-685-3291 (Haleakalā, Maui; September 30, 2019) In a bold … Read More>>

Dark-eyed Junco by Michael Stubblefield_PRFeatImage

“The Global Wildlife Crisis Has Arrived in Our Backyards”

September 20, 2019

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, ABC Director of Public Relations,  202-888-7472 | (Washington, D.C., September 20, 2019) “The global wildlife crisis has arrived in our backyards,” said Michael J. Parr, President of American Bird Conservancy and co-author of a new study published in Science. The paper reveals that the U.S. and Canada have lost nearly 3 billion breeding … Read More>>

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New Study Finds U.S. and Canada Have Lost More Than One in Four Birds in the Past 50 Years

September 19, 2019

Media Contact: Jordan Rutter, ABC Director of Public Relations, 202-888-7472 | (Washington, D.C., September 19, 2019) A study published today in the journal Science reveals that since 1970, bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by 29 percent, or almost 3 billion birds, signaling a widespread ecological crisis. The results show … Read More>>

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