ABC at 20: Results for Birds

We don’t believe in looking back too much here at ABC; there is just too much happening in the present. But as we passed our 20th anniversary, we took a moment to celebrate our successes and reflect on what we have learned. The hummingbird continues to be a perfect symbol for… Read more >>
Red-tailed Hawk, Ian Duffield/Shutterstock

Defeat for D-CON

Raptors like this Red-tailed Hawk are magnificent birds. But a raptor dying from secondary rodenticide poisoning is a pitiful sight, bleeding profusely and too sick to hunt or even fly. Thanks to persistent advocacy by ABC and partners, fewer birds will now suffer this grisly fate. That’s because, in 2014,… Read more >>

Rise of the Interior Least Tern

The sight of dozens, then hundreds, of Least Terns rising from a mid-river sand bar is becoming more common along major river systems throughout the United States. It’s a welcome sign of recovery for this endangered subspecies. The Interior Least Tern, once considered rare, may soon be taken off the… Read more >>

Safety in Paradise

In Hawai'i, home to fast-disappearing species like Palila and sensitive species like Laysan Albatross, partners are using fences both simple and sophisticated to create sanctuaries where birds can live and breed. Ninety-five bird species have been driven to extinction here since man’s arrival—most of them due to invasive species. That makes… Read more >>