Jun 21


To Protect Birds from Wind Turbines, Look to Hawai‘i's Approach

Hawai‘i has a very different approach to wind development than the mainland United States, with strict protocols that go a long way toward protecting endangered birds and bats.… Read more >>

Jun 17


ABC is Hard at Work to Save Native Hawaiian Birds

Hawaiian birds face many challenges, including loss of habitat and non-native predators, but American Bird Conservancy is working closely with partner organizations to help these rare species survive.… Read more >>

May 25


The Search is on for South America's ‘Lost Birds'

It's hard to save birds without knowing where they live. That's why ABC is funding three expeditions in South America to search for species not seen in decades.… Read more >>

May 19

From the Field

In Restoring Native Prairies, Landowners Help Birds and Butterflies

By improving the landscape for grassland birds such as the Northern Bobwhite and Loggerhead Shrike, a new program in Texas and Oklahoma also helps another declining species: the monarch butterfly.… Read more >>

May 08


Along Lake Erie, a Passionate Voice to Protect Birds

Black Swamp Bird Observatory's Kimberly Kaufman talks about migration, bird conservation, and the dangers of wind turbines for migratory birds.… Read more >>

Mar 24


To Prevent Habitat Loss, Balance Conservation and Development

Without this balance, federal lands cannot provide healthy habitat for a vast array of birds and other wildlife. … Read more >>

Mar 24


Report: 10 of the Worst-sited Wind Energy Projects for Birds

Hundreds of thousands of birds collide with wind turbines and power lines every year. As wind energy projects continue to spread across the landscape, we've identified ten of the worst for birds.… Read more >>

Mar 18


New Protection for Lewis's Woodpecker Habitat in Oregon

A recent land acquisition in Oregon protects a stronghold population of Lewis’s Woodpecker, one of the highest-priority birds in North America.… Read more >>

Mar 16

From the Field

In Appalachia, Landowners Create New Habitat for Forest Birds

Foresters and biologists call it the dynamic forest: A sustainable approach to forest management that creates a mosaic of trees of different ages and species, which grow and change over time while preserving healthy habitat for forest birds and other wildlife. … Read more >>

Mar 08


Agency Helps Birds, Urges An End to Open Pipes

Uncapped pipes that mark mining claims are death traps for birds. Now the Bureau of Land Management is calling for an end to this dangerous practice.… Read more >>