Video Gallery: Grey-breasted Parakeet

Beautifully colored. Mild-mannered. Easy to obtain. This combination of factors has led to the Greybreasted Parakeet being one of the most trafficked birds in northeast Brazil. The parakeets are purchased as pets by people largely unaware that the species is critically endangered or that it is illegal in Brazil to own them.

View a gallery of clips featuring the parakeet:

Fortunately, ABC partner Aquasis has been working on the conservation of this species for ten years and we see evidence that the Greybreasted Parakeet can avoid extinction — if we act fast.

One of the highest priority actions we can take is to establish a new population of the Grey-breasted Parakeet. The survival of the species is currently dependent on the health of just one remaining population of roughly 250 adult individuals in the Baturité Mountains of Ceará state. There is a protected area 20 miles away with suitable habitat for the parakeet. Our goal is to relocate 20-35 individuals to this new site, but we need your help to make this happen.

Over the next two weeks, ABC hopes to raise $35,000 to support the costs of the relocation work this summer and fund other key activities to reduce poaching and increase reproductive rates. Will you support our campaign to bring back this species?

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