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Mike Parr
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Richard Callaghan
Chief Financial Officer
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Erin Chen
Vice President of Development
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Shawn Graff
Vice President, US and Canada
Steve Holmer, American Bird Conservancy Read Bio
Steve Holmer
Vice President of Policy
Daniel Lebbin, Director for International Programs Read Bio
Daniel Lebbin
Vice President of Threatened Species
Clare Nielsen Read Bio
Clare Nielsen
Vice President of Communications
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William Sheehan
Vice President and General Counsel
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EJ Williams
Vice President, Southeast Region
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Jennifer Davis
Northwest Regional Director
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Naamal De Silva
Chief Diversity Officer
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Brad Keitt
Oceans and Islands Director
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Jim Giocomo
Central Regional Director
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Kacy Ray
Chief Engagement Officer
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Aimee Roberson
Southwest Regional Director
David Wiedenfeld of American Bird Conservancy Read Bio
David Wiedenfeld
Senior Conservation Scientist