Better for Cats, Better for Birds, Better for People

Domestic cats can make wonderful pets. But when allowed to roam outdoors, these introduced predators have serious consequences.

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Cats have been introduced into new habitats across the globe with terrible results. Outdoors, cats are a non-native and invasive species that threaten birds and other wildlife, disrupt ecosystems, and spread diseases.

Now numbering well over 100 million in the United States, cats kill approximately 2.4 billion birds every year in the U.S. alone, making cat predation by far the largest human-caused mortality threat to birds.

Our Cats Indoors Program educates the public and policy makers about the many benefits to birds, cats, and people when cats are maintained indoors or under an owner's direct control. In addition to advocating for responsible pet ownership, we also oppose Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) for feral cats because of the persistent and severe threats posed by feral cat colonies.

We're leading a movement to overcome local and national challenges caused by free-roaming cats, bringing about change by conveying the most current scientific information, promoting science-based policies, and working with diverse stakeholders such as animal shelters, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, and conservation biologists.

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Defending Against Bad Policy

In early 2013 we worked with partners to successfully defend cats, birds, and people against a proposed state law that would have exempted TNR programs from Florida’s animal abandonment prohibition. The law would have legalized TNR and resulted in widespread threats to animals — both wild and domestic — and people.

Feral Cats on Federal Lands

Feral cats are a common problem on many federal lands. Over 200 organizations — the largest coalition ever assembled on the issue of wildlife mortality from feral cats — joined ABC and signed on to a letter requesting that the U.S. Department of Interior prohibit feral cat colonies on public lands. Read more.

Educational Brochures

In the last five years, we have distributed over 100,000 brochures to concerned citizens, veterinarians, and conservation groups, helping to spread the word that cats, birds, and people are better off when cats are kept indoors. Order brochures.

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