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Blue-throated macaws flying

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Montezuma Quail. Photo by Peter LaTourrette.
  • Population: ~1.5 million; most in Mexico
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Yellow Rail. Photo by Agami Photo Agency, Alamy Stock Photo.
  • Population: 6,700-17,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
  • Population: 95,000
  • Trend:  Stable
Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Photo by Agami Photo Agency, Shutterstock
  • Population: ~56,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Black Rail. Photo by Agami Photo Agency, Shutterstock.
  • Population: ~25,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Photo by Glass and Nature, Shutterstock.
  • Population: 12 million
  • Trend:  Increasing
Blue-headed Vireo. Photo by Paul Rossi.
  • Population: 13 million
  • Trend:  Increasing
Northern Harrier. Photo by Wang LiQiang, Shutterstock.
  • Population: 790,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
  • Population: 15,000-20,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Burrowing Owl. Photo by Mauricio S. Ferreira, Shutterstock
  • Population: 2 million
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Western Meadowlark. Photo by Tim Zurowski, Shutterstock.
  • Population: 90 million
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Araripe Manakin. Photo by Ciro Albano.
  • Population: ~800
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Royal Sunangel. Photo by Photo by Carlos Calle
  • Population: 3,000-8,999
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Newell's Shearwater. Photo by Resource Hawaii, Alamy Stock Photo.
  • Population: ~10,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
Kiwikiu. Photo by Robby Kohley
  • Population: Fewer than 200
  • Trend:  Decreasing
'Ākohekohe. Photo by Jack Jeffrey.
  • Population: Fewer than 2,000
  • Trend:  Decreasing
  • Population: 28-76
  • Trend:  Decreasing
California Condor. Photo by kojhirano, Shutterstock.
  • Population: ~504
  • Trend:  Increasing
Spix's Macaw. Photo by Danny Ye, Shutterstock.
  • Population: Extinct in the wild; ~180 in captivity.
  • Trend:  -
Black Tern. Photo by Dennis Jacobsen, Shutterstock.
  • Population: 500,000 North America; 1.5 million World
  • Trend:  Decreasing

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