Rainforests are felled. Woodlots become parking lots. With so much habitat loss, is it any wonder many bird species are in decline?

The habitat loss story repeats itself in endless variations. A Cerulean Warbler's habitat is replaced by a mining operation. A Golden Eagle's hunting grounds become a gauntlet of wind turbines. A flock of migratory Red Knots stops at a familiar spot and finds it short of food.

Sweeping Scale of Habitat Loss

These are the impacts of habitat loss and poor habitat management, often unnoticed but in fact the biggest cause of bird declines. Over the past 150 years, as the world has industrialized and the human population has soared past 7 billion, our landscapes have changed dramatically:

Save Habitat, Save Birds

To stabilize bird populations and prevent extinctions, it's critical that we find the most effective ways to save habitat and influence best management practices. Fortunately, these are some of the things ABC does best.

Conservation Efforts

  • We’re restoring thousands of acres for Golden-winged Warbler, one of the most threatened migratory songbirds.
  • Our partnership with the Joint Ventures, supported by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, enables us to advance best management practices on millions of acres in the United States and internationally, benefiting birds from Cerulean Warbler to Least Tern.
  • We help partners restore and protect habitats in countries as diverse as Brazil, Bolivia, and Mexico through our International Program.

How You Can Help

  • Make your own habitat bird-friendly by avoiding use of pesticides, keeping your cat indoors, and using plants native to your region. (These plants support the insects that feed the birds!)
  • Help ABC protect more habitat by making a donation. Our four-star Charity Navigator rating ensures that your support will help conserve birds.
  • Take action: Our easy-to-use alert system enables you to speak out for birds that need help now.