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ABC Birding: Barba Azul Nature Reserve, Bolivia
Lay of the Land Barba Azul Nature Reserve is located in northern Bolivia, in the northern part of a rich and remote region called the Beni Savanna. Habitats within the reserve include seasonally flooded grasslands, gallery forest, palm islands, marshes, and riverside wetlands. “Barba azul” is Spanish for “blue beard,” which is the local name … Read More>>
Saltmarsh Sparrow, Betty Rizzotti
A Tale of Two Marsh Birds
Imagine keeping your eye on birds across 1,500 miles, from the mangroves of Puerto Rico to Maine marshes. That's the purview of the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture (ACJV), a partnership formed in 1988 that coordinates marsh-bird conservation along the entire U.S. East Coast and beyond. The ACJV brings together dozens of partner groups, including American … Read More>>
Working the Land to Work for Birds
How the Farm Bill helps landowners across the United States make a real difference for struggling bird populations. For more than 20 years, Bill and Betty Perkis could barely use their 40-acre woodland property in Michigan's Upper Peninsula — it was too densely overgrown with a tangled thicket of Speckled Alder (a shrub also known … Read More>>
Growing Coffee in Partnership with Nature and Community
During a trip to the Central Andean region of Caldas, Colombia, Erica J. Sánchez Vázquez, ABC's Multimedia Producer, learned how resident and migratory bird species benefit from habitat improvements on local coffee farms. This is Part 2 of her report on the work of Paisajes Sostenibles (PaSos), a multi-partner sustainability initiative supported by American Bird … Read More>>
Coffee, Birds, and Forests in the Colombian Andes
It's a chilly November morning on Marino Cifuentes's coffee farm in the Central Andean region of Caldas, Colombia. His home is one of our stops on a three-day tour of coffee farms that are being transformed into places where birds can thrive. Rocío Espinosa and Andrés López are leading the tour – two agroforestry and … Read More>>
Sword-billed Hummingbird. Photo by Mike Parr.
Birds Mean Business in Ecuador's Andes
How winged creatures provide wonder, inspiration, and prosperity in one of the world's birdiest regions. Straddling the Andes and equator in northern Ecuador, Pichincha Province resembles a jagged swift gliding east across the map. In an area smaller than Connecticut, the province hosts over 850 bird species — more than recorded across either of the … Read More>>
Putting Bird Habitat First : Ten highlights from ABC's work across the Western Hemisphere in 2023
Cats, pesticides, power lines, windows, plastics: The list of threats birds face across the Americas is long and daunting. American Bird Conservancy (ABC) works to address all of these and more, and the one at the top of our list is applicable to every species, from the rarest to the most abundant: loss of healthy … Read More>>
Green and noisy, restored island offers hope for Black-capped Petrel
The landing at Desecheo Island requires visitors to leap from a small boat in deep water onto black, volcanic rocks. We had delayed the trip once due to 10-foot seas generated by Hurricane Lee. Today, I was lucky, and our 90-minute boat ride from the west side of Puerto Rico was glassy calm, making the … Read More>>
Stepping Up for Birds — and Habitat
I've often heard people say that when habitat is destroyed, birds will just “move elsewhere.” But where is elsewhere exactly? In reality, suitable “elsewhere” habitat is either already occupied by other birds of the same species — or it isn't actually suitable in the first place. Shorebirds can't live in forests. Warblers don't exist on … Read More>>
Pilina: Talking to Hawaiians About their Relationships with Birds
In 2022 I had the opportunity to interview members of the native Hawaiian community through a Conservation and Justice Fellowship with American Bird Conservancy (ABC). My project, the Pilina Project, was concerned with understanding the experiences and connections that people have with native birds in Hawaiʻi. From an Indigenous lens, pilina (relationships) are a critical … Read More>>

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