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Together for Birds Seed Grants Create Opportunities for Collectively Envisioning the Future of Birding and Bird Conservation
Birds have always been sources of wonder, inspiration, and awe. They dazzle in their diversity and represent freedom with their ability to fly far beyond where our eyes can see and our ears can hear. They are also sentinels, alerting us to trouble in ecosystems that could eventually find its way to us. In many … Read More>>
One Million Trees to Revive Forests and Support Communities in Northern Peru
For migratory birds like the Canada Warbler and Olive-sided Flycatcher, the problem of habitat loss crosses borders and spans continents. It follows birds from their breeding grounds in the boreal forest of North America, to the stopover habitats they visit as they head south, to their Central and South American nonbreeding territories. From one season … Read More>>
Forest Management is for the Birds!
Saying something is “for the birds” can indicate frustration with a situation. But forest management's effect on bird populations is the opposite: forest management truly can be for the birds! The Let the Sun Shine In coalition in Indiana works to encourage bird- and wildlife-friendly management practices on all of Indiana forestland. Indiana forest owners … Read More>>
Making a New Home for Kirtland's Warblers in Wisconsin
A timber harvest that began last fall on a tract of land in central Wisconsin is one of the first steps in a long-term plan to create new habitat for the rare Kirtland's Warbler. The harvest of Red Pine is taking place on one-third of a 400-acre property in Adams County that The Nature Conservancy … Read More>>
A Look Inside the Nest: Female Birds and Parenting
There are seemingly endless ways to raise youngsters in the bird world. Some female birds do it all: building the nest, incubating the eggs, and raising the young to fledging. Others split the work with a male partner. Occasionally, males do all the work. In some rare cases, females and males manage to avoid parenting … Read More>>
What's Good for Insects Is Good for the Birds
World Migratory Bird Day highlights the link between birds and insects The naturalist E.O. Wilson is said to have affectionately called insects “the little things that run the world” because they, despite their tiny sizes, play an outsized role in making many of Earth's natural processes happen. Insects are pollinators, pest control, decomposers, and crucial … Read More>>
Thirteen Tips to Make the Journey Safer for Migrating Birds
Right now, millions of birds are on their way north to their breeding grounds, drawn by the abundant food sources and nesting sites that await them. Their journeys, sometimes spread out across weeks of long-distance flights, are not only intense; they are also fraught with danger. Many of the warblers, tanagers, flycatchers, and other migratory … Read More>>
Preventing a Greater Sage-Grouse Vanishing Act
The future of the Greater Sage-Grouse, an iconic species of the American West, is in doubt. For decades its numbers have dwindled as its unique habitat, the sagebrush steppe, shrinks. Now, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and partners are fighting for what might be the species' last hope for a chance at survival.  ABC is calling … Read More>>
Forests at Work for People and Birds
This is part of a series of explorations of different kinds of forest biomes found throughout the Western Hemisphere – and how American Bird Conservancy works to conserve them as vital bird habitats. Click to read about tropical forests, temperate forests, boreal forests, and different ages of forests. For many birds, forests are nest sites and nurseries, territories, and rest … Read More>>
Migration Marvels Millennia in the Making
Bird migration is a marvel that has captivated the human imagination for millennia. Some of the earliest cave art tells the story of the comings and goings of birds through the seasons. Waves of migratory herons, ibises, and quail are depicted as symbols of renewal in ancient Egyptian art. Birds took on deep meaning in … Read More>>

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