Mar 13


New Research Suggests Need for Cautious Management of Seabirds

In new research, some scientists say it's time to reassess the conservation status of the Black-footed Albatross.… Read more >>

Mar 09


Video: Surviving the Wild: Cats and Birds

Few people experience the impacts of free-roaming cats as intimately as wildlife rehabilitators. In this short documentary, meet Dr. Dave McRuer, formerly of the Wildlife Center of Virginia; Brittany Davis of Second Chance Wildlife Center; and Kasey Birtz of City Wildlife — individuals who simultaneously love cats and are tasked… Read more >>

Mar 02


Aliens Invade Seabirds' Island Strongholds

What counts as an invasive species might surprise you. Mosquitoes, plants, and house mice and other mammals — including those super-predators, free-roaming cats — have invaded ecosystems they don’t naturally inhabit, putting pressure on native birds and other wildlife. During National Invasive Species Awareness Week, we’re exploring how these non-natives… Read more >>

Feb 21

From the Field

Video: Hummingbirds Defy Description

Hummingbirds are some of the most colorful, vibrant birds in the Americas. But many hummingbird species need our help. Watch this video gallery and consider supporting ABC's mission to protect the hemisphere's rarest birds.… Read more >>

Feb 14


Conservation Groups Ask Congress to Defend the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Dozens of organizations are asking Congress to reject misguided efforts that pit conservation against economic development.… Read more >>

Feb 07

From the Field

Set With Care, Fire Creates Habitat for Many Declining Bird Species

Fire can be destructive. But when used carefully in conservation, it can be a lifesaver for many declining species.

Jan 31

From the Field

Meet the Birds of the Sagebrush Country

Like the Greater Sage-Grouse, these birds depend on sagebrush, one of the most imperiled ecosystems in the United States, to survive. … Read more >>

Jan 25


A Free Pass to Kill Birds? Migratory Bird Treaty Act Under Threat

Proposed changes to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, one of our nation’s oldest wildlife conservation laws, threaten to undo current safeguards that protect birds from the negative impacts of energy development, including oil and gas drilling and poorly placed wind energy facilities. The result could be millions of dead birds,… Read more >>

Jan 24


Video: How Neonics Affect Birds

A single seed coated with neonicotinoids is enough to kill a songbird. Learn more about how these deadly pesticides affect birds.… Read more >>

Jan 18

From the Field

With Conservation Plans in Peril, What's Next for Greater Sage-Grouse?

Across the West, plans to save the grouse face an uncertain future.… Read more >>