Calling All Birders: It's Time to Organize

An Open Letter to ABC Members and Everyone who Loves Birds:

ABC is nonpartisan, but we are very concerned about the impact that recent political changes could have on bird conservation moving forward.

Although the environment was not a major campaign issue in this election, if you love birds—regardless of your political affiliation—you are likely concerned about what some of the more negative future scenarios for bird conservation could be based on what you are hearing.

Things such as a rollback of the Endangered Species Act, a reduction in the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to regulate pesticides, and the possibility of expanded development on public lands important to birds.

As always, ABC will stand up for birds and fight these worst-case scenarios to make sure that they don't end up setting bird conservation back.

Please stand with us. Sign our #TogetherForBirds petition today!

There are two different outcomes from the folk tale in which an acorn falls on Chicken Little's head. In one, Chicken Little and his friends are fearful and despairing—the sky is falling! In those versions, they are all eaten by the fox. In the others, courage prevails, and the various outcomes are better.

Golden Eagle, dirjr/Shutterstock

Golden Eagle. Photo by dirjr/Shutterstock

As we regroup from the surprising election outcome, people have expressed to me emotions from anger and despair to discouragement and back again about the near-term future of conservation. But at ABC, there will be no hand-wringing. The American people have told us, time and again, that they love wildlife; the large majority want environmental protection. We are not despairing and not backing down.

While the environmental community must defend our keystone laws such as the Endangered Species Act, we believe the best defense is a strong offense—one through which we champion stronger protections.

If government funding for refuge and park management and critical federal programs is threatened, you can count on ABC to push for increased funding, better regulations, and more habitat protection for wildlife. We'll also seek common ground, wherever we can, to provide opportunities and incentives for bird conservation.

Cerulean Warbler, Greg Lavaty

Cerulean Warbler. Photo by Greg Lavaty

You might ask, what is the opportunity we see? It is that, finally, the time has come for all birders and conservationists to come together, united in support of better protections for birds and all wildlife. For those who are not ABC members, we ask that you join now.

Finally, we ask each of you to share this message and our Together for Birds petition with everyone you know. That's right: we have the ability to change the course of conservation if only we come together and tell our government what we want for birds.

fenwick_georgeStay strong and stay tuned,

Dr. George H. Fenwick