Glass Collisions

Legislation, Ordinances, & Code

World Wildlife Headquarters, Nertherlands ©Rao Architects

Tackling an issue as widespread as glass collisions requires collective action. One of the most effective actions is passage of ordinances requiring that new construction include bird-friendly strategies. In the United States, many municipalities have already adopted bird-friendly standards. If your community has yet to do so, check out our legislative toolkit to get started.

Model Ordinance

Creating your own bird-friendly building guidelines? Let ABC save you some time! Our downloadable model ordinance defines the relevant terms you will need and is the perfect way to start making a difference in your community.


Creating Bird-Friendly Legislation

We have broken down the critical aspects of collisions legislation to help you design an effective ordinance for your community — and you can save time by using ABC's model ordinance as your starting point.

Why Birds Hit Glass

Birds don't understand the concept of glass as an invisible barrier that can also be a mirror. They take what they see literally: Glass appears to be habitat they can fly into, whether that habitat is reflected or visible through glass.

Photo of hummingbird

Existing Legislation, Ordinances, and Code

We have compiled an expansive list of bird-friendly legislation, then summarized and ranked them so that you can borrow from the best when creating your own.

Promoting Legislation in Your Community

Hoping to pass a bird-friendly design ordinance in your community, or to evaluate an existing proposal? Check out our tips for understanding, proposing, and passing bird-friendly legislation.

LEED's Bird-Friendly Building Credit

If you are designing a LEED-rated building, think about birds in the design phase and earn the Innovation Credit for Bird Collision Deterrence. We'll show you how!

Bird Collision FAQ: Answers From the Experts

ABC's collisions experts, Christine Sheppard, Ph.D., and Bryan Lenz, Ph.D., answer 14 of the most frequently asked questions about bird strikes.

New York City's Bird-Friendly Legislation

New York City Local Law 15 stipulates that most glass on new structures must have a Threat Factor of 25 or less to meet bird-friendly design requirements starting January 1, 2021.


Take Action For Birds

ABC is working hard to make federal buildings bird friendly. Join us today and ask Congress to pass the Bird-Safe Buildings Act!