ABC Bird Tape

Homes account for nearly half of the problem of window collisions, with a half-billion birds killed at residences each year. Fortunately, ABC Bird Tape provides an easy solution.

ABC has recently signed a licensing agreement with CollidEscape, a leading company providing solutions to bird collisions with windows, whereby CollidEscape has become the sole distributor of ABC Birdtape. ABC is transferring its inventory to CollidEscape, which will shortly be in a position to take your orders. It can be found online at Thank you for your interest in ABC Birdtape.


ABC BirdTape has been tested by independent experts and when installed as recommended has been shown to be highly effective at reducing bird collisions.


The tape is available in three convenient sizes: ¾”, 3” or pre-cut 3” squares, providing options for any window.


Available at lower cost than many other solutions, ABC BirdTape protects five ordinary windows for the cost of using window decals on a single window.


ABC BirdTape lasts up to four years when properly installed—up to four times longer than window decals.

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