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Key Land Acquisition Boosts Imperiled Birds' Prospects at Peru's Abra Patricia Reserve

September 10, 2018

Contact: Philip Tanimoto, International Conservation Project Officer, American Bird Conservancy | Phone: 540: 253-5780 | Email: ptanimoto@abcbirds.org (Washington, D.C., September 10, 2018) Two key properties totaling 104 acres have been acquired in northern Peru, expanding the Abra Patricia Reserve to over 25,250 acres and helping protect dwindling habitat for one of the world's rarest birds, … Read More>>

Endangered Cranes Find an Ally in Kansas Utility Companies

August 23, 2018

Contact: Steve Holmer, Vice President for Policy, American Bird Conservancy. Phone: 202-888-7490 | Email: sholmer@abcbirds.org  | Gina Penzig, Manager, Media Relations, KCP&L and Westar, Evergy Companies. Phone: 888-613-0003 | Email: gina.penzig@westarenergy.com (Washington, D.C., August 23, 2018) Endangered Whooping Cranes are safer during their twice-yearly migratory journeys, thanks to years of effort by Kansas utility companies … Read More>>


Bird Feared Extinct Rediscovered in the Bahamas

August 22, 2018

Contacts: Daniel Lebbin, Vice President of Threatened Species, American Bird Conservancy | Phone: 540-253-5780 | Email: dlebbin@abcbirds.org | Mike Parr, President, American Bird Conservancy | hone: 202-888-7486 | Email: mparr@abcbirds.org (Washington, D.C., August 23, 2018) One of the rarest birds in the Western Hemisphere, the Bahama Nuthatch, has been rediscovered by research teams searching the … Read More>>

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Nesting Area of World's Rarest Macaw is Now a Bolivian Nature Reserve

August 20, 2018

  Contacts: Bennett Hennessey, Director of Development, Asociación Armonía | Phone: 00(591-3) 3563636 7| Email: abhennessey@armonia-bo.org | Skype: bennett_hennessey | Daniel Lebbin, Vice President of Threatened Species, American Bird Conservancy | Phone: 540-253-5780 | Email: dlebbin@abcbirds.org (Washington, D.C., August 20, 2018)  The largest known group of nesting Blue-throated Macaws — a Critically Endangered species numbering … Read More>>

Jones Beach Legal Settlement Provides Safety for Endangered Birds

August 8, 2018

Contact: New York Parks' Dan Keefe, 518-486-1868 or American Bird Conservancy's Grant Sizemore, 202-888-7480 or Steve Holmer, 202-744-6459 (Washington, D.C., and New York, N.Y., August 8, 2018) Based on a judicial order and settlement entered on August 6, the Piping Plovers that nest annually at Jones Beach State Park in New York will no longer face … Read More>>

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