Christine Sheppard

Christine Sheppard earned her B.A. and Ph.D. at Cornell. Her first job was at the Bronx Zoo , where she started as intern, and ended as Curator of Birds. In 2007, Dr. Sheppard joined the board of the Bird-safe Glass Foundation as science advisor. In 2009, she moved to the American Bird Conservancy as Director of the Glass Collisions Program. She established ABC's glass testing and evaluation program, which is the foundation for a LEED credit for reducing bird collisions. She published Bird-friendly Building Design in 2011, with a second edition in 2015. She has created AIA/LEED continuing education classes on Bird-friendly Design, and maintains a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of literature relevant to bird collisions. She helped create San Francisco's Standards for Bird-safe Buildings in 2011 and has consulted on bird-friendly legislation with more than 25 jurisdictions from the Federal level to towns, across the United States.