Jan 14


Birds Flying Into Windows? Truths About Birds & Glass Collisions from ABC Experts

Glass collisions kill vast numbers of birds in the United States each year. Yet most Americans know little about this danger, and even fewer are aware of the solutions available to help prevent these deaths — fixes that in many cases are easy and inexpensive. To shed light on this… Read more >>

Apr 28


Stuck at home? Use the Opportunity to Make Migration Safer for Birds

Birds have inspired many of us this spring. Here are seven home activities to give back during the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead of pursuing birds this spring, many of us have settled in, watching from windows and yards. While the setting may be ordinary, the impact has been extraordinary. Birds that… Read more >>

Mar 06


At Stockton University, Students and Staff Collaborate to Prevent Bird Collisions

Art Should Be Striking…Not Birds A flock of birds has taken flight in artistic form across a glass breezeway on Stockton University's campus in New Jersey. The winged silhouettes serve two purposes: They warn migrating birds to steer clear of the windows and educate viewers about the unseen threat buildings pose to birds… Read more >>

Nov 08


Minnesota Vikings' Stadium is Bad for Birds, but It's Not Too Late for a Solution

Each year in the United States, window collisions kill up to 1 billion birds. While this is a massive source of human-caused bird mortality, trailing only free-roaming cats and habitat loss, there is good news: Window collisions are preventable! The bad news: Most new buildings do not incorporate bird safety… Read more >>

Jun 06

From the Field

From California to Florida, A Push to Make Windows Safer for Birds

Most of us know the signs: a dull thump, a powdery smudge, or a few tiny breast feathers stuck on the glass. A bird has struck our window. Here are five facilities across the country where simple modifications are making windows safer for songbirds.… Read more >>

Aug 30

From the Field

A New Jersey College Takes Action to Stop Bird Collisions

By applying a film called CollidEscape to the windows of a campus building, Atlantic Cape Community College is looking to reduce the number of bird collisions caused by its reflective glass.… Read more >>

Jan 06

From the Field

In the Bronx, Testing New Ways to Prevent Birds from Hitting Windows

A tunnel-like facility is generating research that could save the lives of millions of birds.… Read more >>