Oct 14


Video: Surviving the Wild: Cats and Birds

Few people experience the impacts of free-roaming cats as intimately as wildlife rehabilitators. In this short documentary, meet Dr. Dave McRuer, formerly of the Wildlife Center of Virginia; Brittany Davis of Second Chance Wildlife Center; and Kasey Birtz of City Wildlife — individuals who simultaneously love cats and are tasked… Read more >>

Jul 02


Meet Sophie, A Happy Indoor Cat (Part 1)

ABC's "Happy Cats, Healthy Birds Campaign" runs through August, bringing you stories of responsible cat ownership. We recently spoke with inspiring cat guardian, Christiana Viscusi, the brains behind the popular @SophieLovesTuna Instagram account, about her beautiful, fun, and funny four-legged companions, Sophie and Louie. Louie, an indoor cat, is serving as a Feline Ambassador for the campaign.… Read more >>

Jun 22


A Change of Heart: Stories of Responsible Cat Care

With baby bird season in full swing, it's more important than ever to keep pet cats happily contained. In an effort to spread the word, we're launching our Solutions Campaign. … Read more >>