Jun 21


To Protect Birds from Wind Turbines, Look to Hawai‘i's Approach

Hawai‘i has a very different approach to wind development than the mainland United States, with strict protocols that go a long way toward protecting endangered birds and bats.… Read more >>

May 08


Along Lake Erie, a Passionate Voice to Protect Birds

Black Swamp Bird Observatory's Kimberly Kaufman talks about migration, bird conservation, and the dangers of wind turbines for migratory birds.… Read more >>

Dec 30


Looking Back at 2015: Milestones in Bird Conservation

The year 2015 featured several watershed moments in our efforts to bring back the birds.… Read more >>

Dec 07


New Policy Will Boost Restoration of Natural Resources

President Obama has directed five federal agencies to adopt regulations that would require companies to offset any impact their development projects might have on natural resources.… Read more >>

Oct 28


How Green is the Wind Industry?

A major problem with wind power is the flawed system by which companies assess the impact of wind projects on birds. … Read more >>

Aug 13


What's Next For Eagles? Behind the Court Ruling

Go behind the recent court decision invalidating the government's "eagle take" rule and learn what it means for these majestic raptors.… Read more >>

Aug 12


Major Victory for Eagles in Federal Court Ruling on 'Take' Permits

The decision invalidates a federal rule that would have allowed wind energy and some other companies to harm or kill eagles for up to 30 years.… Read more >>