Mar 24


Report: 10 of the Worst-sited Wind Energy Projects for Birds

Hundreds of thousands of birds collide with wind turbines and power lines every year. As wind energy projects continue to spread across the landscape, we've identified ten of the worst for birds.… Read more >>

Mar 16

From the Field

In Appalachia, Landowners Create New Habitat for Forest Birds

Foresters and biologists call it the dynamic forest: A sustainable approach to forest management that creates a mosaic of trees of different ages and species, which grow and change over time while preserving healthy habitat for forest birds and other wildlife. … Read more >>

Feb 04


Colombian Reserve Secures More Habitat for Rare Tanager

The Tanagers Reserve, on the western slope of the Andes, harbors the endangered Gold-ringed Tanager and more than 250 endemic and migratory bird species.… Read more >>

Jan 29


Migratory Birds Gain Protection of Winter Habitat in Guatemala

Tapon Creek Nature Reserve protects more than 1,600 acres of lowland forests, which in winter harbor many species of neotropical migratory birds.… Read more >>

Dec 30


Looking Back at 2015: Milestones in Bird Conservation

The year 2015 featured several watershed moments in our efforts to bring back the birds.… Read more >>

Dec 11


Bird-Friendly Coffee Preserves Habitat—and Family Farms, Too

As a boy, when I was not in school or playing baseball, my days were mostly spent at wonderful places out of doors—in the woods or in the sandpit, catching frogs, or taking care of the pigeons. Mine was not a boyhood in deeply rural America. I was born and… Read more >>

Dec 01


Court Rulings Could Weaken Protections for Migratory Birds

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act may have a long history, but its current application matters now more than ever, when many bird populations are in decline.… Read more >>

Oct 28


How Green is the Wind Industry?

A major problem with wind power is the flawed system by which companies assess the impact of wind projects on birds. … Read more >>

Oct 13


Fall Migration is a Time for Reflection

The season is cryptic and quiet, and requires focused attention from the observer.… Read more >>

Oct 05


Delivering Bird Conservation in Managed Forests

A new ABC collaboration with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and its partners aims to improve prospects for migratory birds across large areas of North America’s forests.… Read more >>