Oct 13


Fall Migration is a Time for Reflection

The season is cryptic and quiet, and requires focused attention from the observer.… Read more >>

Aug 18

From the Field

For Many Migratory Songbirds, Boreal Forests Are The Last Stop

Inspired by Edwin Way Teale's 1947 journey chronicling the northward migration of songbirds, Bruce Beehler set off on a 100-day road trip to do the same. Catch up on his visit to the boreal forest, where 300+ bird species breed.… Read more >>

Jun 12

From the Field

Warblers and Woodcock in Minnesota's Wild North

From northern Wisconsin, I traveled west to Minnesota and the north shore of Lake Superior. Based out of Gooseberry Falls State Park, about an hour northeast of Duluth, my wife Carol and I toured the boreal forests of this marvelous area… Read more >>

Jun 08

From the Field

In Wisconsin, Reminders of the Past

By Bruce Beehler June 3, 2015 Blog #19 of my¬†North with the Spring¬†journey: In the southwestern corner of Wisconsin, where the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi, there are a series of high bluffs that hem in these two great rivers. The bluff south of the Wisconsin is called Wyalusing, and… Read more >>