Dec 10

From the Field

Desert Discovery Sheds Light on Mysterious Storm-Petrel's Life Cycle

Until recently, biologists did not know where the majority of Markham's Storm Petrels nested. That changed with a surprising discovery in Chile's desert.… Read more >>

Dec 23


Looking Back at 2015: More Habitat for Rare Birds

One of the cornerstones of ABC's work is collaboration with Latin American conservation organizations to protect habitat for some of the hemisphere's rarest birds. Here's a sampling of what we accomplished this year.… Read more >>

Dec 10

From the Field

Stranded Storm-Petrels Get a Second Chance in Lima

With the help of city residents, the project has rescued and rehabilitated nearly 500 grounded seabirds that have become disoriented by the city's bright lights on their maiden trip to the sea.… Read more >>

Nov 25

From the Field

Video: Grounded Seabirds Find Help in Lima

Dr. Yovana Murillo, a wildlife veterinarian in Peru, examines a Ringed Storm-Petrel that was grounded in the country's capital city of Lima.… Read more >>

Oct 31


High in the Andes, a New Reserve for Rare Birds

An indigenous community in southwestern Peru has created its second Private Conservation Area to protect critical forest fragments home to some of the rarest birds on earth.… Read more >>

Oct 01

From the Field

Return to Abra Patricia: A Culture of Peruvian Conservation is Spreading

By Daniel Lebbin My first visit to Abra Patricia in northern Peru was ten years ago in November of 2004, as a grad student traveling with two buddies. We explored the area in a rented Isuzu Rodeo, which we drove from the Pacific coast across the Andes on one of… Read more >>