Mar 24


To Prevent Habitat Loss, Balance Conservation and Development

Without this balance, federal lands cannot provide healthy habitat for a vast array of birds and other wildlife. … Read more >>

Jan 20


Conservation Groups Urge Government to Protect Greater Sage-Grouse from Mining

In a letter this month to the Bureau of Land Management, more than 80 conservation groups support a 10-million-acre mineral withdrawal to protect Greater Sage-Grouse habitat from hardrock mining.… Read more >>

Oct 22


Across the West, Landowners Create a Legacy of Open Land

Ranchers are creating conservation easements to help the Greater Sage-Grouse, a charismatic bird that depends on sagebrush to survive.… Read more >>

Sep 22


Feds: 'Epic Collaboration' Sufficient to Save Sage Grouse

The grouse's fate now depends on new federal plans to manage more than 50 million acres of land across the West.… Read more >>

Sep 10


Sage Grouse's Fate Depends on Historic Decisions

Will federal authorities list the grouse under the Endangered Species Act, or rely on management plans that are currently too weak to save the bird?… Read more >>