Dec 24

From the Field

New Hope for Hawaiian Petrels, Wandering Souls of the Sea

The Hawaiian Petrel is one of Hawai'i’s most endangered seabirds, but scientists say that if we stay the course with current conservation efforts, the bird will make a comeback.… Read more >>

Dec 10

From the Field

Stranded Storm-Petrels Get a Second Chance in Lima

With the help of city residents, the project has rescued and rehabilitated nearly 500 grounded seabirds that have become disoriented by the city's bright lights on their maiden trip to the sea.… Read more >>

Nov 25

From the Field

Video: Grounded Seabirds Find Help in Lima

Dr. Yovana Murillo, a wildlife veterinarian in Peru, examines a Ringed Storm-Petrel that was grounded in the country's capital city of Lima.… Read more >>

Nov 24

From the Field

Hawaiian Petrel Chicks Thrive Under A Caretaker's Watchful Eye

With round-the-clock care, the endangered petrel chicks are thriving in their new home.… Read more >>

Nov 23


A New Tool in the Battle Against Seabird Bycatch

An interactive website puts a wealth of information helpful in reducing seabird bycatch right at the fingertips of those who need it most: fishermen, conservationists, and those promoting fishery sustainability.… Read more >>

Nov 04


A Helicopter Trip to Safety for Rare Hawaiian Petrel Chicks

The new colony will be the only fully protected colony of federally listed seabirds anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands.… Read more >>

Oct 27


Early Success for New Laysan Albatross Colony on O'ahu

All 10 chicks have fledged and flown out to sea, where they will live on the wing for the next three to five years as they grow to adulthood.… Read more >>

Oct 02


Band-rumped Storm-Petrel and Hawaiian Ecosystems May Receive Federal Protection

Federal officials are urging protection because of the destruction and modification of habitat throughout Hawai‘i's coastal, dry cliff, and wet cliff ecosystems.… Read more >>

Jul 31


Russian Ban on Drift Net Fishing Bodes Well for Seabirds

A new law will save tens of thousands of seabirds from becoming entangled in long fishing nets.… Read more >>

Jul 17

From the Field

Fresh Meat for Flies: First Impressions of Laysan Island

July 7, 2014 | By Barbara Heindl It has been a week since I arrived on Laysan Island with fellow field biologists Megan Dalton and Robby Kohley. We have been sent to Laysan, a small island in the Northwest Hawaiian chain about 930 miles northwest from Honolulu, to monitor a… Read more >>