Glass Collisions

Bird-Friendly Building Gallery

Manhattan Island, NY, USA ©Christine Sheppard


Our gallery contains examples of bird-friendly buildings of all types. In addition, we've included bird-friendly versions of individual features, like railings, noise barriers, and building connectors, that can otherwise be especially deadly. Where available, we include links to case studies.

There are several ways to search our library. If you have a specific need in mind, you can use the dropdown menus below to sort by project type, bird-friendly strategy, and applicable LEED credit. You can also sort the galley features alphabetically or by inclusion date. If you already know the name of the building you are looking for, you can type it into the search bar below.

New Construction or Retrofit/Renovation:

Bird-Friendly Strategy:

LEED Credit 55:

Museum Tinguely: Basel, Switzerland


Los Angeles Convention Center

Los Angeles, California

Marta Herford Museum

Stedman Education Center, N Carolina Zoo

Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel

Barcelona, Spain

Bird-friendly Glass, Patterned, Printed Glass

The complex design of the envelope of this hotel includes multiple bird-friendly strategies and very creative uses of glass.

Montefiore Medical Group Health Center

New Rochelle, New York


Noise Barriers

Highways Around the Globe

Transparent noise barriers have caused significant bird mortality wherever installed, around the globe. Luckily, there are many attractive alternatives, including photovoltaic options.

Building Connectors/Skywalks

Building connectors have been associated with high bird mortality and bird-friendly legislation often singles them out for high levels of security for birds. As the examples here show, there are many ways to make these structures bird-friendly, without impairing their function.


Streets in Your City

Bus shelters and other small, freestanding glass structures have been documented to be collision hazards to birds. As can be seen in this gallery, there are good ways to design bird-friendly shelters. Because of their manageable size, they are also excellent, high visibility options for starting remediation programs.

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