Glass Collisions

Bird-Friendly Building Gallery

Manhattan Island, NY, USA ©Christine Sheppard


Our gallery contains examples of bird-friendly buildings of all types. In addition, we've included bird-friendly versions of individual features, like railings, noise barriers, and building connectors, that can otherwise be especially deadly. Where available, we include links to case studies.

There are several ways to search our library. If you have a specific need in mind, you can use the dropdown menus below to sort by project type, bird-friendly strategy, and applicable LEED credit. You can also sort the galley features alphabetically or by inclusion date. If you already know the name of the building you are looking for, you can type it into the search bar below.

New Construction or Retrofit/Renovation:

Bird-Friendly Strategy:

LEED Credit 55:

Cathedral of Christ the Light

Oakland, CA

Bird-friendly Glass, Patterned, Frit Markers

Virginia Zoo

Norfolk, VA

ABCBirdtape, Surface 1, Window Adhesive

Each year, the Virginia Zoo challenges local artists to create bird-friendly designs for their exhibit glass, using ABCbirdtape, The winner's designs are applied to the windows to stop collisions.

Cooper Union

New York, New York

Double-skin Facade, Screens, Second Skin

Columbia University School of Nursing

New York, New York

Bird-friendly Glass, Patterned, Frit Markers, Surface 1 Frit

LEED Credit: Yes

Statue of Liberty Museum

New York, New York

Bird-friendly Glass, Patterned, Frit Markers

LEED Credit: Yes

IAC Headquarters

New York, New York

Bird-friendly Material, unpatterned, Frit Markers

Lincoln Mews

Pelham, New York

Glass Assembly, Insect Screen

Brandhorst Museum

Munich, Germany

Design Strategy: Minimize Glass, Screens

Intuit Headquarters

Mountain View, CA

Bird-friendly Glass, Patterned, Frit Markers

Minneapolis Transit Center

Minneapolis, MN

Screens, Sunshades

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