Statement on New Eagle Rule from FWS

Photo by Louise Redcorn

Photo by Louise Redcorn

Press statement from Dr. Michael Hutchins, Director of ABC's Bird-Smart Wind Energy Campaign

Contact: Michael Hutchins, (202) 888-7485 (o) or (301) 367-5053 (cell)

“We will be carefully reviewing the new eagle rule proposed today by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to ensure it is based on sound science. We at American Bird Conservancy worked hard to bring issues with the previous 30-year eagle rule to light, finally winning a court battle that required FWS to follow the process laid out by the National Environmental Policy Act.

“We're concerned that this new plan will still allow the killing of thousands of eagles. This new rule must require effective, tested mitigation to reduce any eagle deaths to an absolute minimum. We also need better monitoring of eagle mortality—with data collected by independent third parties and made publicly available—so that adjustments can be made to prevent negative impacts on eagle populations. And we'll be looking for standards that mandate proper siting of wind energy facilities, away from sensitive areas for birds, so that impacts to eagles can be minimized. Any rule that aims to ‘protect and maintain eagle populations' will require these steps.

“After all, ‘green energy' isn't green if it is killing thousands of eagles and tens of thousands of other birds annually.”

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