Local communities are an important part of conserving birds.


Long-term protection of bird habitat can't be accomplished through land acquisition alone. Based on 25+ years of working in Latin America and the Caribbean, we know that the best way to achieve lasting results for conservation is to build the capacity of our in-country partner organizations and to work closely with communities.

Meeting the Needs of People and Birds

Ultimately it is all about tailoring our conservation strategy to meet the needs of both the birds and the local people. In so doing we create an ethic of conservation that will sustain conservation for the long-term.

We seek to empower local people to be active participants in preserving the health of their environment. There is no “one size fits all” solution: In southern Peru we work with indigenous groups to create and manage a network of private conservation areas. In Bolivia we are working to develop livelihood opportunities that have a minimal impact on the environment, such as bee-keeping.



ABC and Fundación ProAves worked steadily with communities for a decade to restore more than 1,200 acres of degraded lands. Planting coffee and native trees on 200 private farms, the resulting Cerulean Warbler Conservation Corridor provides habitat for many resident and migratory birds, including Cerulean Warbler (shown). Learn why bird-friendly coffee is so important.



With ABC support, our Peruvian partner ECOAN has worked with indigenous communities in the Vilcanota Mountains, home to the Royal Cinclodes, to protect more than 15,500 acres of communal lands and plant more than 1 million trees. These efforts improve the lives of local people by developing local tourism, supplying alternative energy, and more.