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You Can Save Birds From Flying Into Windows.
Photo: © ABC

(Washington, D.C., March 25, 2010) American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has just published a new, downloadable brochure ( that offers a variety of tips on how to reduce the chances of birds flying into home windows and glass doors. Scientists estimate that 300 million to one billion birds die each year from collisions with glass, the majority of which is on homes.

“A bird may survive flying thousands of miles on migration, only to die when it tries to fly to a tree, or sky reflected in your window. That’s tragic. It’s also preventable. This publication emphasizes quick, cost effective ways to reduce the chances of that happening, while minimizing obstruction of your view,” said Dr. Christine Sheppard, Manager of ABC’s Collisions Program.

”Every year, people bump into glass doors. This happens enough that you’ll often see frosted areas at eye level, especially in public buildings.” she said. “The same thing happens to birds, only most collisions are lethal.”

The publication describes techniques homeowners can use to help birds see windows, and includes links to suppliers of suggested materials.

ABC is the only national organization with a program dedicated to reducing bird deaths from collisions. ABC promotes bird-friendly construction and has helped develop legislation recently introduced by Congressman Mike Quigley, (D-Ill.) that would require bird-safe construction for new federal buildings. ABC is also conducting research to identify the most effective ways to deter bird collisions and how to rate effectiveness of different materials. Dr. Sheppard said much of the work in the collisions program is made possible through a generous grant by the Leon Levy Foundation.



American Bird Conservancy conserves native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas by safeguarding the rarest species, conserving and restoring habitats, and reducing threats while building capacity of the bird conservation movement. ABC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership organization that is consistently awarded a top, four-star rating by the independent group, Charity Navigator.

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