ABC is committed to safeguarding the full annual life cycle of migratory birds

More than 340 migratory bird species — totaling nearly 5 billion birds — travel from the United States and Canada each year to Latin America and the Caribbean. This represents one of the world's largest and most awe-inspiring animal migrations.

However, the wintering habitat that these migratory birds depend upon is disappearing — contributing to the astounding loss of birds. Nearly one-third (2.9 billion) of all birds in the United States and Canada have been lost since 1970 in the United States and Canada, many of which are migratory birds that winter in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through our BirdScapes program, we work closely with more than 50 partners across 15 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to protect and restore important wintering and stopover habitat for migratory bird species, including the Summer Tanager, Wood Thrush, and Blue-winged Warbler. Our goal is to deliver win-win results for people and birds by providing full annual life cycle conservation for migrating species. We do this through the promotion of habitat protection and restoration, as well as sustainable land management.

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