You can help bring back the birds. Take action today!

There are lots of ways you can take action for migratory birds. Here are a few suggestions:

Stand Up for Birds 

Our action alert page makes it easy to stand up for birds on important topics like pesticide use and changes to laws protecting migratory birds. Check to see what alerts are active now.

Live a Bird-Friendly Life

Visit our Bird-Friendly Life page to find more ways to help birds through simple, everyday actions. Among the suggestions: garden with native plants, avoid the use of pesticides, and keep your cat indoors or otherwise under your control.

Share the Love of Migratory Birds

We've made it easy to share information about migratory birds on our site. Just visit these pages and use the icons on the left to spread the word on social media or via email!


As a four-star Charity Navigator organization, you can be assured that your donation will be put to good use. Please consider a gift to help us bring back the birds today.